Your Family and Food allergies

If any one in the family has Food allergies and you have difficulty in choosing or eliminating the foods to be taken,Dowsing provides a solution .Contact the foundation for more information.Read article given below :

Dowsing has helped me

I have twin daughters.Both had persistent symptoms of cold and cough which were triggered of due to food allergies.They used to cough through the night and all four of us would have to stay awake.It was taking its toll on us.they were prescribed allopathic medicines ,but they were only stemming the problem but not making them resistant to the allergies.We tried to stop giving them those foods which were causing these allergies but we found that 70% of all foods were out of bounds for them. Being just 5 years old they craved processed and packaged foods as they saw their friends at school and play relish them..There was a point uptil we could explain and tell them not to take processed or packaged food.But the heart was pained to see their craving.It was difficult to decide which foods were best for them.I was already dowsing and decided to dowse for the best foods for them.The next time i went to the supermarket i dowsed the foods available and purchased only those which i dowsed positive to be in their highest and best interests.It was suprising to find that they did not have any allergies from these foods.I went a step forward and dowsed for foods prepared at home and only allowed them to take foods that were in their highest and best interest.The results were surprisingly possitive.It was then that i decided to put down my observations in the form of a document "Dowse the food allergies away".If you are interested please email the foundation.Am sure it will help you drive away your apprehensions and make life easier.